Sidewalk Film Festival 2017 Recap

Hundreds of films screened over the course of just a few days.  Boiling all this down into a two minute video was a challenge, but one I was glad to undertake.  The Sidewalk Film Festival is a Birmingham, AL based film festival centered around the historic Alabama Theater.  2017 was the 19th year for the festival.

Salsa Showdown Recap

Here’s a little video I cut for the Salsa Showdown festival sponsored by Alagasco and the Sidewalk Film Festival.  Vendors from around the Birmingham area came out to compete.  Of course, there could be only one winner.

SlossFest 2016 Recap

Slossfest.  It’s really the first of its kind in Alabama.  A two day music festival located in the historic Sloss Furnaces.  Two days of music, joy and good vibes.  This video was shot during its second year.

Handwashing PSA

Healthier Hands Start Here is an initiative focusing on getting Americans to be a little more attentive when washing their hands.  This video was created for a competition at UAB.


Avondale, Alabama is changing.  The area at one point was one of the poorest areas in Birmingham.  Over the last few years, breweries and boutique restaurants have found a home in Avondale.  This video delves into the complicated relationship with the locals and the newcomers.